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Art and Technology Meet To Capture The Experience Behind The Wheel

Art and Technology Meet To Capture The Experience Behind The Wheel

As a follow-up to our announcement with Porsche in August, The Atlantic Re:Think recently published an article and amazing video showcasing what went into producing The Art of The Thrill event. Powered by the ActiveOS Enterprise Platform and biometric data provided by the Hexoskin shirt, the TRAQS API provided the data that Sosolimited turned into stunning art and visualizations.

In these digital days, though, it’s becoming clear those high points don’t just leave an impression in our memories—they ripple throughout our bodies too. Our lungs and hearts no longer only serve as biological metronomes; they’ve become data engines, whose output is to be tracked, analyzed and visualized. And all of a sudden, we’re wearing technology to translate what our bodies are saying.

Which means we don’t need to leave thrills to memory anymore. We can see them. And, in August, Porsche and Atlantic Re:think, The Atlantic’s creative marketing group, partnered with TRAQS, a personalized analytics platform, and Sosolimited, a digital design studio, to do just that: visualize the thrill.

By bringing together the impressive performance of the new Porsche Macan, a day at the racetrack, wearable technology, cutting-edge data analytics, and digital artistry, we sought to answer the question: What does the thrill look like?

Read the full article at http://www.theatlantic.com/sponsored/porsche-the-art-of-the-thrill/art-of-the-thrill/182/


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