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Health & Fitness Data Aggregation Platform Company Traqs Rebrands To ActiveOS

Health & Fitness Data Aggregation Platform Company Traqs Rebrands To ActiveOS

Santa Monica, CA, Dec. 8, 2016 – Traqs, a platform company specializing in health & fitness data aggregation and insights, announced today its rebrand to ActiveOS (http://activeos.com). Traqs was one of the earliest pioneers in the emerging wearables market to offer a centralized platform to bring together disparate health & fitness data from popular consumer wearable devices. Along with providing solutions for end-users to gain insights into their own wearable data, the platform has been used by global brands such as Porsche, powering the technology for their marketing campaign “The Art of the Thrill” in conjunction with Hexoskin and The Atlantic to unveil the new Porsche Macan in late 2014.


The rebrand to ActiveOS aligns the company’s vision of providing powerful health & fitness tracking solutions to the mainstream, and also recognizing the emerging need for real-time and 24/7 group and enterprise-level solutions in the growing wearable and sensor markets.

“While clear market leaders have emerged in recent years, the wearables market is still very fragmented. Major players like Fitbit, Garmin and Apple together have a large market share, but there are hundreds of other sensors available, and new innovative solutions emerge weekly. There are companies attempting to address different aspects of aggregating and making meaning of the volumes of data being produced by these sensors, but none yet that are capturing the full potential and adding the value that’s possible.” said Eric Blue, CEO and founder of ActiveOS.


“With the increasing number of wearables and sensors, and the inevitable shift towards more real-time and larger volumes of data, ActiveOS enables coaches, trainers and athletes to gain better insights. As a platform, companies developing fitness solutions can easily integrate with ActiveOS to roll out solutions enhancing individual and team fitness and performance” added Blue. “Ultimately our goal is to build technology that helps as many people as possible get active and stay fit. And, we want to offer this ability to other organizations, trainers, and coaches & teams to leverage this wealth of emerging wearable & sensor data”.


ActiveOS Enterprise Platform


For enterprises seeking a turnkey solution to aggregate and analyze tracking data, ActiveOS offers a SaaS platform and API that aggregates data from dozens of existing partners (Fitbit, Misfit, Withings, Hexoskin and more) leveraging a wealth of sensor and wearable information: biometric data, activity, workouts, sleep, nutrition, stress, geolocation and more. ActiveOS provides plugins that can be configured to support new integrations and data sources as well as developer tools that allow for rapid creation of new user interfaces for web and mobile using the ActiveOS UI Toolkit. The platform additionally supports SMS and email notifications for various reminders, a Real-Time Server for streaming live data on demand, social features for increasing engagement and incorporates powerful analytics tools for providing additional insights and uncovering trends over time.

ActiveOS Team Dashboard

For coaches, trainers and teams, ActiveOS offers a powerful and customizable system to provide dashboards, analytics and insights on any metrics being collected, including but not limited to their athletes’ sleep, nutrition, recovery and training data. The ActiveOS Team Dashboard provides access and insights to 24/7 lifestyle data in conjunction with workouts and training data – enhancing the coach and athlete / team participant relationship.

About ActiveOS

ActiveOS (http://activeos.com) is a wearables data insights platform powering health & fitness solutions for enterprises and teams. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]
Web: http://activeos.com/contact/
Phone: (866) 648-4244


Original press announcement: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/12/prweb13912369.htm

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